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Five Points Farm North
499 St RT 58
Sullivan, OH 44880
(567) 215-7829
Todd McConnell
Five Points Farm South
15100 Jones Powell Road
Spotsylvania, VA 22551
(540) 805-0594
Curt McConnell

Welcome to Five Points Farm

We have plenty of color and our new rams have produced some of our best lambs to date.
Large frames straight thick backs and good round rumps.
Market Lambs for Sale
We have new lambs

Ohio Brood Ewes

We have new lambs
Two of our ram lambs

Virginia Ram Lambs

Two of our ram lambs
Several of our rams

Breeding Rams

Several of our rams

Select Katahdin since 1840

Our farm specializes in Katahdin sheep and we offer breeding stock for sale.

We currently have over 300 brood ewes between our two farms with 160 or so lambs on the ground for spring between us. With some beautiful color and body types, our girls get hay and grass which is coming on in VA rapidly.

About 50% of those are registered Katahdin, all breeding rams on the farm are registered from well-known breeders across the USA.

Look for us in Sedalia this year or our own online sales.

Katahdin sheep

High-quality, Locally Raised

When you buy lamb direct from the farm, you can be sure that you are getting healthy, stress-free animals. Our herd is raised with respect and year-round attention. We know that comes through in our final product whether it is the best meat you'll eat or your future stock.

When you buy lamb direct from the farm, it's a win-win situation!

Grazing Sheep Available

Grazing Sheep Available

We have grazing sheep available for fields, lots, solar farms grazing, gas and pipeline grazing, and hillside grazing.
Five Points Farm est 1840

Bred for Production

Katahdin sheep produce high quality meat and wool, making them a valuable asset for any farm or ranch. Katahdin sheep are a hardy and versatile breed.