Welcome to Five Points Farm

Our family has been farming since 1840.

Raising dairy cattle, beef cattle and sheep at the current time we are raising Katahdin sheep.

Over the years we have had many champions within the breeds that we raised. Go to our Archive page to see where and when.

We currently between the two farms have 350 commercial Katahdin ewes with 50 registered Katahdin ewes.

We have over 200 Acres of pasture/ farm land that we own or lease.

Our program is based around pasture fed animals. We currently are Lambing 6 months out of the year and will be expanding that as the need arises. Our flocks average age is 3.28 years old and our average lambs per ewe is 2.13 per year. All rams that we are currently using are registered Katahdin even on the commercial ewes.


Buy lamb direct from the farm

For Sale

    Lamb prices 
    All prices below are hanging weight
    1/4 Lamb $4.50 per Lb.
    1/2 Lamb $4.25 per Lb.
    Whole Lamb $4.00 per Lb.

    Prices do not include cutting and wrapping

You pay for butchering these lambs will yield at least 50 lbs. of meat in most cases for a full lamb

Feeder buck lambs for summer pasture starting at $150

Located at the intersection of State RT 58, 89 and County road 500

Registered Katahdin Sheep

Stud Rams at Five Points Farm!
Stud Rams at Five Points Farm!

Our Ewe Flock
Our Ewe Flock